Girls 101 Workshops

It's always loads of fun to meet new girls as we hold Girls 101 Workshops!

Contact me to do a Girls 101 Workshop for your group of girls

(ages 10-19, minimum 10)

TOPICS- Identity, Body Image, True Beauty, Middle School Issues, Healthy Friendships,
How to Deal with Mean Girl Drama

Where do we do these? Wherever girls or moms are gathered- schools, youth groups, community building, even a home where friends are gathered. We're flexible!

The most important things is, what do the girls have to say about Girls 101??

"I learned how to be a better friend."
"I wish the bully from last year had been able to go through this class."
"I wish we could do this all year".
"I think it was really good when we wrote down our negative thoughts. It helped to get them out."
"I felt really safe and loved here." 
"I learned I shouldn't label other people. I don't want to be labeled".  

Getting out our inner fears- Local Elementary Workshop

Spring Break '12 Friendship Camp in Jenks

Learning Empathy

Motives &  Results of Wrong Behavior

Healthy & Unhealthy Friend Behaviors

Celebrating Your Uniqueness

Goals, Feelings, Thoughts

Role playing common problems

WORKSHOP OPTIONS- contact me for pricing

Whet your appetite with a TWO HOUR SESSION on the topic of your choice. This is an interactive workshop atmosphere to stir up conversation, thinking, insight and solutions. Always entertaining, yet educational. 

Dive in deep with a FIVE SESSION SERIES with your group of friends. This is where a group of girls will bond while taking a deeper look at life in a very fun, interactive, personal way. Minimum 10 girls. 

Referrals from Adults -

"Holly and her helpers provided a foundation that will last a lifetime with my students. She provided activities that met the girls where they're at and moved them to be better friends, daughters, sisters and students. The students made comments like I have gone to school with the other girls but didn't really get to know them until now, I know how to be a better friend and better person now, and I loved the hands on activities- we never get to do things like this" - Dianna, public school teacher

"I was thankful that my daughter was not only encouraged to look for healthy relationships with positive qualities but she also learned that she needs to be a friend with positive qualities. I was thankful that Holly covered how to stand up for someone when they are being targeted and how to disarm different situations. Having the opportunity to role play friend situations at Friendship Camp empowered my daughter to be a leader and make right choices when she needs to."-Kacy, Mom

"Holly Tumpkin is a fantastic source of information on raising young women. I've taught, pastored and hung out with all 3 of her daughters and they are each very different but each phenomenal. In addition, her workshops are engaging, relevant and just plain fun (for girls that is). I highly highly recommend her!" -Josh Nordean Junior High pastor Believers Church

Let's book something today! 

WOO HOO!! Can't wait!!

(Character based and Scripture Based both available to meet your need)

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