5 Things to gain from this blog...

Raising girls is fun, and difficult, sometimes even at the same time! Screams of delight, emotional ups and downs, uncontrollable tears, hysterical laughter!

Hormonal days. Lots of hormonal days.

All in all, whether you're a mom who's having fun raising girls, or worn out in your efforts, let's talk. The joys are multiplied and stresses lessened when we can have someone share our journey. And we all know the world's pretty crazy out there, so we need all the support we can get!

We need a place to come together. What can this blog offer?

1. How to deal with issues.

2. Not feeling alone in parenting.

3. Perspective. The big picture!

4. Thoughts from other moms who have lived a variety of situations.

5. Thoughts straight from teen girls themselves.

I've done the research and listened to many teens. Now let me share with you the discoveries!

Also talking to many ladies and girls behind the scenes, getting some great stuff ready for you! Excited about girls who are willing to write for us, to catch a glimpse inside their worlds.

Coming up Monday, my first interview answering the question, "Five things I'm glad I did" in raising girls. Pass this along to friends so they don't miss out!

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