Access Hollywood- A Good Example

If you've followed the last few blogs, you know we are highlighting positive examples in our culture, after looking at the problem of girls pushing for perfectionism and growing up too fast. If you missed any, check out October posts!

Shaun Robinson is a bright light in the midst of Hollywood. In a city that seems to be so filled with "image", Shaun has seen through the smoke and mirrors and heard the needs of girls. Plus she is fighting to make a difference.

Some might say that the Hollywood culture, always vying for fame and beauty, is what is wrong with our society. It is the very source of false hopes our girls cling to. Therefore they may not want to support someone in the midst of the culture. I disagree. People of standards need to be in all parts of society, bringing their difference, message and hope to every corner of the world.

I heard about Shaun, not through her weekend co-anchor position at Access Hollywood, but through the book she wrote called Exactly As I Am. Her job as an entertainment reporter allows her to meet the most famous celebrities of our day. Over the years, she has received countless letters and emails from girls around the country. She has recognized the danger of girls equating their own self worth with the perceived perfection of the celebrities they follow.

"Of course, the cultural obsession with celebrity is not new, but how it is impacting the way girls and women feel about themselves has become a passionate concern of mine- so much so that over the past few years I began organizing informal task-force groups of girls and young women from around the country to talk directly about their issues of self esteem." (excerpt from Exactly As I Am)

Her book is a compilation of stories from famous women of all types of accomplishments, from actresses to athletes to governors and scientists. Their stories center around their advice to young women about gaining confidence in their "tangible skills", instead of just looks. I encourage you to pick up a copy and read about the struggles that even celebrities go through with their self image. No one is immune from self doubt. It is nice to hear from women who have accomplished great things in their careers, even through adversity.

She is also on the Board of Directors of Girls, Inc., a national nonprofit youth organization dedicated to inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. Shout out to Shaun!

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