Take a Peek Inside Friendship Camp!

Welcome to Friendship Camp! Come on inside!

Take a look at this adorable venue we spent 3 days in. I highly recommend it! 
The Blue Cottage in Jenks.

I am way too tired from 3 days of fun to blog much about it tonight, but I couldn't wait to get a few pictures up of these fabulous girls. Six schools from our area are represented here! 

We had a great time learning about how to be a better friend,  how to handle conflict in friendships, 
and how to deal with Mean Girl drama!

I'll be posting some of those tidbits over the next few days.

Thanks to my wonderful assistant, my daughter! :)
I couldn't have done it without her!

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  1. Would love for my granddaughter, Peyton, to attend next year! :)


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