5 Things Story - A Daughter-in-Law Shares

One of the fun things we do on this website is highlight stories of older moms who have already survived the years of raising children. 

The question is asked of them, "Looking back, what are 5 things you're glad you did in raising your kids?"

It seems easy for all moms to instantly think of things they regret or wish they'd done better, but we push those aside's too easy for any of us to focus on negative. 

We ask them to think a little harder, push aside humility for the moment, for the cause of passing on encouragement, hindsight and tidbits of wisdom to those still in the trenches. Most moms, if they know they could be of help to someone else, will dig deep and give honest answers.

These have become our 5 Things Stories. You can always click on "5 Things Stories" on the menu bar at the top of and read encouraging stories from moms who have raised children in many different situations.

Earlier this week, the feature mom was Roberta Pepin. Roberta shared her 5 Things she's glad she did raising 10 children.  Yesterday her daughter, Jana, told 5 things she's glad her mom did while raising her.

Today, we get to hear from Scarlet Pepin, wife of one of the 8 Pepin boys, Brad. Scarlet shares her perspective as daughter-in-law to Roberta.

Here it is, in Scarlet's words. Enjoy.

"I have reaped the benefits of Roberta's godly mothering. All the seeds that she planted into my husband's life have established such wonderful fruit that I am able to enjoy everyday. His patience, strong work ethic, self control, and godly fathering are straight from the environment he grew up in and the steady, gentle mothering of Roberta. Because she set such a wonderful example and kept her hand to the plow day in and day out, laundry load after laundry load, our children and grandchildren are being raised with spiritual roots that run deep.

The 5 things that I respect in Roberta's mothering are:

1. She allowed her children to problem solve on their own.

2. She established in them what a "team player" looks like and acts like.

3. She rewarded scripture memory verses with trips to the ice cream store!

4. She chose her committment to marriage over and over again.

5. She didn't take life so seriously but allowed kids to be kids.

My list could go on and on and that is why I am so grateful for all she did in the past to make our todays and tomorrows steady and peaceful."

Alyssa, Lindsay, Gabrielle, Scarlet, Brad

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