Pt. 1- Girls Speak Out- College Freshman Year

This is me, freshman year-ha

Did you catch the special blog earlier this month just for you Mom? About sending your daughter off to college...what next? If you didn't, and you have a new college freshman, go back and check it out. You'll hear some thoughts from former freshman, and their tips for Mom during this stage of life.

All this week I'll be posting a series of very short blogs, sharing thoughts from college girls themselves.  Several girls have shared with me some of their life lessons- what they went through, experienced and learned during that freshman year of school.  Maybe it will give you a glimpse into what your own college student may be experiencing while away.

Today's Story-

"I went to a state University and decided to Rush. My friends who knew me seemed to "know" that I would hate Rush. I Rushed anyway. I wanted to see for myself, and wanted to blend in. I've never been the type to be easily peer pressured. I just wanted to experience it. I enjoyed the process though it was very stressful. (I recommend going through the process and see for yourself if it's for you.)

However, when I was done, I couldn't see myself in a sorority, so I dropped it in the pledging process. It's a big deal to drop, and I felt a lot of pressure from people to not drop. But I also had some others help me come to the decision to drop after all. Sorority not as stereotypical as everyone thinks. Some girls are the stereotypical sorority girls, but not all are. It just wasn't for me.

Instead, I got involved around campus. I got very involved. I liked being involved in things that still affected community and even statewide issues, things with a bigger vision. I helped raise money for a miracle hospital for kids. I wanted to make a difference in lives of people, outside of school.
I expected school to be easier than it was. I went in with enough credits to make me pretty advanced, so I was in class with many juniors. It was hard. Professors didn't care. There were 300 in class, no one cares. Three tests and you're out.  That means that you only have 1 exam, a midterm, and a final. Many "freshman" class professors will drop your lowest test score because they have 4 or 5 tests during the semester or they would add extra homework points or quizzes for the students to be able to make up lost points on exams, but in my classes it was literally just a class made up of 3 exams, no homework or quiz grades to help. I felt thrown to the sharks.

I'm glad I did it still, but hard. Mom got me through it. She is young and remembers how hard college was. I was afraid she would just say "try harder" but she actually gave me practical advice, like getting a tutor.

Second semester we had some extended family things, so it was hard again, but I stuck with it and mom helped me through that again. She wasn't overbearing, but gave good advice when I asked for it.

The party scene was definitely there, every day of the week. I don't drink, but I did go sometimes. Friends respected that I didn't drink. Some people gave me an attitude and wouldn't be friends with me if I didn't drink. Then sometimes someone would offer me something, and my friends would step in and say "She doesn't drink" to support me.

Funny story- I turned 18 and got a $5 gift card to a casino from a friend. I went to use it, but the smoke alone made me ill. Mom found out and was so worried about me she came to town to see me, freaked out. To me it was the worst gift ever, she had nothing to worry about.

During my freshman year, I learned that in every situation I was in it for a reason, and I grew from it."

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