Pt. 2 - Girls Speak Out- College Freshman Year

Freshman college year was the best! Wasn't it? Well not for all, but for most it's a great experience.

 If you're a mom, do you fear because you envision your daughter in a scene like this picture?? Well, parties happens, for sure, but not everyone gets into the party scene. But they can still have a blast.

This week we're hearing from a few girls who just lived it, and are sharing some thoughts with you.

Did you see yesterday's post? A friend tells about her first year at a state Rush, not Rush, the academics and party scene. Don't miss it.

Today we hear from another college girl. Enjoy!

"I went to a private university across the country from home. Its kind of funny, I had a vision of a big party zone, people slipping me drugs and having sex everywhere. It wasn't like that. The party aspect was definitely there, but there was also so many types of people there. I didn't feel all alone amongst partiers. I found a group of friends.

I had a roommate though that was the exact polar opposite of me. I think it was a God thing that I lived with her. I'd been sheltered my whole life, now I lived with a true party girl, in every sense of the word. But I saw that she was still a human being, very sweet and nice. I wouldn't have expected that from my view of what "party girl" would be like. She respected me for who I was. We were friends. I think she needed to see me too. I didn't drink, do drugs, or have sex, but I had a ton of fun. And I was happy. She was surprised that I'd never done any of it. She was surprised that I don't drink, because before college she looked at all my crazy Facebook pictures and assumed I must've been drunk to be having so much fun! At school dances, the drunk crowd had fun but couldn't remember it. People saw me having fun yet remember everything.

My freshman year was a big learning experience, to see how someone so different lives. It was a challenge in some ways but my roommate and I were friends and had fun. I'd like to think she needed me to learn from, as much as I learned from her. She and her boyfriend would often come to me for questions and answers. As different as we were, we had a fun experience together.

I'm stronger than I was. I learned I can do anything for a short amount of time. If you had told me a year ago that I'd be across the country away from my friends and family in college, rooming with the roommate I had, I wouldn't have believed I could do it. My worst fear came true, but I did it.

My friends in high school knew I'm nice and have a hard time sometimes setting boundaries, in an effort to not hurt peoples feelings. But I went to college and made it clear who I was and what boundaries I had, and stuck with it.

I'm glad the fear didn't stop me."

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