Old School Skills- Passing Notes in Class with Style

Today I want to share a special skill with you. A very meaningful one. (HA)

Remember folding notes like this and passing them in school way back in the day??

I was reminded of this recently by a friend, and was so excited to relearn the skill.

I even made a step by step how to guide to re-teach you too!

Sad that kids today will have not have many tangible memories such as these...just lost texts on a phone they don't have anymore. Sad face.

Think we can bring this back?? Click right here on this sentence for your how to guide!


  1. awww Love it!! I have a box of folded notes from my (now husband) high school boyfriend that I treasure. He's mentioned he has the ones I wrote to him somewhere as well - there's nothing like a hand written note :)

    1. Kristin, fun to find an old school sister who "gets it"!! I believe somewhere in my attic are middle school folded notes..wouldn't that be a hoot to read if found. Love that you and your hubby have saved those!


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