A Glimpse Inside of a Local Workshop

Instead of making excuses of why I haven't been blogging, how about showing you some pictures?

We just finished a super fun five week session of Girls 101 at a local public school. A very good group of girls, such sweeties.

Why am I always floored when they share why they liked the group and what they learned at the end of our five weeks? I don't know, except that it's a thrilling and encouraging thing for us as leaders to hear girls, unprompted and uncoached,  share the exact things we are hoping they take away from our time together.

Things like...

I got to know more girls that I didn't know well before.
I like that we learned what to do when we get bullied or see someone else get bullied.
I like leaving everything from the day behind and having fun here.
It helps to get stuff the negative stuff out of me and learn how to deal with stuff.

Hopefully using visuals the girls helped create, they will continue to remember things like...

not labeling people, even before giving them a chance
pursuing traits that make a good friend and avoiding traits that cause fights
assessing ourselves as friends as well as we assess other people (smile)
the power of words that can affect others strongly- both positively and negatively

One of my favorite things about new workshops is meeting 15 new girls in our city that I didn't know before.

I loved working with these wonderful ladies. All are former teachers who are now home raising kids. They love this opportunity to get back into a school, be with kids again and teach valuable life skills.

It was a thrill for me to have a photographer in the bunch share her talent! She captured amazing pictures weekly. Thanks to Elizabeth of Sanco Photography for contributing this valuable part. We were able to give each girl a fun picture collage at the end of our session as a momento.

Workshops are available for schools as an after school program, in 5 week sessions for grades 4-12th. If you would like more information, please email me at


  1. My buttons just popped off. I am so proud of the work you are doing. You really should move closer. Keep it up, Holly.

    1. Laura you are too funny! Thank you, you are so nice. I wish we did live closer :(


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