So Just What Are the 5 Things?

I had a friend ask me a question yesterday, as we sipped our Pina Colada Slushies.  A very good question.

She said, "My sister and I have a question. What ARE the 5 things?!"

I kinda like it that there's a bit of a mystery to the blog name. Yet I also realized, "Good heavens, I haven't explained myself well."

I forget that so many people read this blog on a smart phone and never see the actual website, on a real computer! The website solves a bit of the mystery.

I heard a person say, (actually it was a tweet I saw), "Don't assume people know what you do. You have to tell them." It's time to tell again.

So, the 5 Things name....

When I began this blog, I wanted to interview moms who have raised kids and ask them the question, "Looking back, what are 5 things that you're glad you did, in raising girls?"

Ya know, throw a few bones of encouragement to those of us still in the trenches! Give us some perspective. Please!

If you look on the actual website,, you will see a link called "5 Things Stories". There is a long list of stories where women have shared their varied experiences in raising children.

I figured women who have survived parenting years would have a good perspective on what's really important, in order to help us keep our focus. Stories of moms that have been through very specific situations have been shared too, in hopes of being an encouragement to someone going through the same.

It's easy for moms to start talking about the regrets or the "I wish" thoughts, but they have to think a little harder and hone their thoughts to answer this question.

In our busy worlds, sometimes it's just good to hear a succint message of encouragement from moms who have already walked our paths.

Hence, the stories. Go to the website and check out a few of them! I'll continue to add more. If you have a good idea for one, please message me!

Back to my friend and our slushies, her question prompted me to proceed with a series of posts I've been working on regarding the 5 Things theme I got excited! I needed a nudge and her question, right there in Taco Bell, was the nudge I needed.

It's time to take it a step farther, so stay tuned!!!

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