Rating Girls on Social Media

This was in the news yesterday.

March Madness Bracket Rates High School Girls

At a high school in Maryland, some guys set up a bracket of the top 4 best looking girls in each grade, then they would vote for the best looking.

And it's all public, on social media.

Use this news story as a talking point with your kids to see what they're seeing on social media.

Does it matter? Why is this ok or why is it wrong? How does it affect the guys voting and how does it affect the girls?

What's interesting, is some girls do this to each other (pretty much) on Instagram....mainly in middle school. They vote each other out of a contest of girls, based on the pictures posted. That's not much different, do you think?

Discussion Starters: Have you seen girls or guys do this to each other on Instagram? Why do people do this? How do you think it makes people feel?

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