FINALLY..(drum roll).... We are a Non-Profit!

It seems we've been waiting forever to say this, but it's finally a reality! 

Girls 101 Foundation now exists as a non profit.

The picture above is of myself and my friend, Laura, who volunteers with me in Girls 101 at a local public school. Laura had a non profit that she decided was for me instead, so after meeting with a lawyer, making it all legit and legal, we changed the name of her non profit to Girls 101 Foundation. She remains on the board with me. What a gift. Words cannot thank her enough.

And we are learning as we are going!

My other board member is my college roomie, who I just went to see in L.A. She is a psychologist in Long Beach, and gives so much insight to issues of the day. 

Our board had our first conference call after work one day. I decided to sit on campus and enjoy the pretty day while we talked. 

So much more to say, but I am busy getting ready for our "10 Year Celebration and Benefit" on July 29. 

Have you bought a ticket to join us? We are celebrating the beginnings of the girls outreach started 10 years ago, and what it has become now. It evolved from Girls Club as they called it then (no matter what name I tried, the girls wouldn't call it anything else), to Girls 101 as we have branched out to the community.

We are in two schools now, and plan to start two new ones in the fall. Every school we talk to is interested, so it's really a matter of funds and volunteers!

If you are interested in volunteering, or giving, please let me know. Or buy your ticket to our Event and come see what we are all about!

Tickets can be purchased until July 22 at See "Purchase Ticket" for event information!




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