Our Answers Revealed

In yesterday's post, my mom reflected on what she was glad she did in raising my sister and me.

Today my sister and I reveal 5 things that WE are glad SHE did.

Holly's 5 Things "I'm Glad My Mom Did" -

  • Threw parties. I learned how to celebrate and throw fun parties myself.

  • Stuck to her word in punishments. If I got grounded, there was no getting out of it and no shortening of time. I was free when the original stated time of grounding was over. I learned consequences and that I couldn't weasel my way out of things. She meant what she said.

  • Was involved by leading Blue Birds (girl scouts type club) and chaperoning my school trips. There are some similarities with those childhood meetings and a girls group I started as an adult. Who knew!?

  • Made me quit hanging out with a couple friends when things started getting iffy. It was awkward at the time, but the future proved she was right.

  • Let me do a lot of things. I had lots of interests and tried many different things between sports, lessons, organizations.

Heather's 5 things -

  • She always came to my my sports activities, even though she didn't like sports. ha.

  • In elementary school, she picked me up weekly for a McDonalds lunch, which I thought was really cool and fun. She could do that because she was a stay at home mom, which I liked as a kid. I liked having her home when I got home from school.

  • She prayed for me...even though I didn't like it at the time. (I couldn't help but ask my sister for clarification on this) The clarification is- I liked knowing she did it, I just didn't want to hear her doing it. Hahaha!

  • She taught me manners and responsibilities, like if you're expected somewhere and will be late, then call. Be on time. RSVP to invites. If you volunteer for something, follow through on commitments. Now I'm amazed at adults who have no understanding of these things.

  • She made sure I had great birthday parties because my birthday was so close to Christmas. And I got separate presents for both! I always had whatever kind of party I wanted and she made sure it was special.


  1. Love hearing things from yall's perspective... Inspiring for sure!!!

  2. Funny how different our answers were! Fun!

  3. It is great when children (all grown up now) can list out the things that their parents did that has helped them. I am sure your Mom is blessed by this! I can see a lot of my Mom in what you both shared as well.


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