30 Seconds a Day

A man came home from serving overseas and saw the tremendous need among teens as he adjusted back to society. He asked a woman he knew how he could help mentor these teens. The lady answered he could make a difference in 30 seconds a day, by doing these 5 things, and it would be just as effective as volunteering for an organization:

1. When you pass them in public, make eye contact with an expression that shows you're glad they're on the planet!
2. Thank the teen by name who bags your groceries.
3. Say hello each day.
4. Congratulate them on first and lasts, like the first day of school.
5. Once you've made a connection, make sure they know your support is unending. They don't outgrow the support of adults who pay attention!

This comes from www.search-institute.org which is dedicated to discovering what kids need to succeed. Not everyone will volunteer for an organization, but the point is everyone can make a difference just in daily interactions. Teens often get a bad rap just because they're teens. What teens actually need is more people who believe in them. Let's turn that around, shall we?

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  1. YAY for not giving teens a bad rap! We aren't that bad!!


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