Andy Grammer- Music that Respects Women

Last week's blog was a five part series on the problems of and solutions for the early sexualization of girls in our culture. (A bit of a downer to focus on, but completely necessary to understand if we are going to combat the messages!) I could go on and on and on about the poor messages. They are endless...

BUT what's exciting is when a ray of light shines out from among the others with a POSITIVE message! Especially a positive message in the MUSIC industry about women and how to treat them! There have been a few shining lights lately and I'm happy to highlight them this week.

Andy Grammer is a fabulous upcoming artist with music that we can be proud of, and a very fun happy style that is too rare and so refreshing.

Brighten your day by clicking on this link to catch his song with a great message called "LADIES".

Now that you love him, here is one more! And add him to your Ipod today.

Check out his performance of "The Pocket".

We love Andy Grammer!

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