To Grind or not to Grind

It's funny. Same day I said on Facebook that I'd love to blog current parenting issues, but I won't for sake of my kid's privacy, this happened!!

Me to daughter-"So I saw the paper asking parents to help with winter formal!"

Daughter- "yeah."

Me- "So I actually get to? Yay!" (in excited voice. It's a hard thing to ever get your foot in the door at our huge public school)

Daughter- (serious tone) "You can help with the decorating. Just please don't chaperone."

Me- (in defensive disappointed questioning shocked voice) "What?! Why!?"

Daughter- "Cuz people will probably be grinding and you'll tell them to stop (in flat knowing tone)".

(She knows I would LOVE the opportunity.)

Me- "Well aren't the chaperones SUPPOSED to tell them to stop grinding?"

Daughter- "Yes. I just don't want you to be the one telling them to stop grinding."

Me- "Can I post this?" (finding humor at the subject matter and how many times we're saying grinding).

Daughter- "Yes. (surprisingly emphatic). You can do whatever you want with this, as long as you're not there." 

(respectfully said).

Me- (getting excited) "Really?!!"

Daughter- "yes".

Me- "woo hoooooo!!!" (as I started to remember one of my favorite Pinterest pictures I hadn't used yet. (see above)

This is probably more fun than chaperoning anyway.

Let's talk about grinding!

So remember back to when you were little and you always felt old?! In the know? Looking back, now you realize how young you were at the time? You felt so old, but were 10. Now if you looked at a 10 yr old you would realize they're just a kid.

Picture a 12 year old. Now picture them grinding. L.O.L. Isn't it just wrong? But they're doing it and talking about it and thinking they are waaaaayyyy cool! Well not everyone's doing it. I know that, but a whole lot are!!! And what 12 year old honestly knows anything about grinding? (if my kids are reading this they have now passed out on the floor in horror.) It's just silly.

Now as they get older, they unfortunately might know what they're doing, but good heavens. Does everyone realize what they look like out there on the dance floor? Or does anyone really want to see this?

This whole concept of grinding would be kind of funny if it wasn't so sad. And disturbing. Sorry, but I feel like all self respect has been taken.

Come on, get some respect or get a room. Is that too harsh? It's how I feel. 

The answer? Boys.

Is that upsetting to you? Some people are upset by it, but not because of anything sexual, but because it's a double standard. Girls should be able to initiate grinding too. Hmmm.

Now I have no idea of the nice man's opinion who posted this article. He didn't give his opinion, just merely referred to the study.

So my question is, who is most likely to initiate grinding in Middle School?

I'd rather not know.


  1. Well, Holly, you have just sealed Morgan's fate. No dances for her! JK... but whoa... are we ever going to have a talk beforehand!!

  2. Hahahhahahhaha ! Oh no! Well good news is they are supposed to tell them to stop, but bad news, might or might not be followed thru with. Seen it both ways. :)

  3. Dear readers, oh how I wish you could see the hilarious comments and conversations on Facebook from this post! Please feel free to leave a comment anonymously if you don't want to be known. You don't have to agree with me either. :) at the top of this page "like" us on Facebook!

  4. A few years ago had an experience where one of my daughter's close friends had a birthday party at her house, and long story/short the supposedly-chaperoned party was pretty darn crazy and around 9 pm I happened to stop there to pick up my 10 year old daughter (friends with the younger sibling) and witnessed an entire room full of grinding teens. I was a bit mortified to say the least. My older daughter was even more mortified than I was because I actually came into the party and snaked my way through all the dancers. Her friends were all telling her to "get your mom out of here." Yes, there were drunk children and grinding children and rude rude children with no respect for parents or themselves. The chaperones were in the kitchen of the house, which is completely separate from the apartment they were dancing in. The repercussions of this party and my "crashing it" went on for weeks within the context of my own home. All the kids from school disliked me fiercely for a while. Not a happy memory, but in the end, victory was mine on the home-front.

    These battles are tough and it takes seriously tough skin to engage in them. My skin isn't as tough as I wish. The battles have been very painful at times.

    I humorously blogged about the whole experience as well, because that's what makes blogging and parenting fun. right?! LOL. I didn't ask for permission. [gasp] It was more like revenge blogging. HAHA

    1. Karen!! Kinda dying to know the age group of the grind/drinking party! yes, I've learned "supervised" is a loose term. Unforntunately. And you are so right about the tough skin thing. It hurts. And if you have a blog I SOOOO want to know about it!!


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