5 Things...Finding True Love

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In honor of Valentines Day, I've been thinking about true love. We all "heart" love stories, don't we? What's yours? I'll share a few reasons my husband and I started dating, way back in the day. Then let me hear from you too! Leave a comment and share yours.

5 Things I liked about my hubby when we began dating:

1. We were friends a while before we started dating. We had group hang outs, then "study" dates together, then campus events alone and just enjoyed hanging out, before official formal dates started. It was gradual and fun.

2. At first, he didn't "need me" and I didn't "need him". We were both two independent people who kept realizing how much fun we had together. Compare this to another guy who called my room 17 times the day after our first date. Amazingly, I was never home, according to my roommate. A little mystery on both sides is kinda fun.

3. He looked good. But he didn't act like it. No cockiness.

4. He acted like I was a treasure to be won and he wasn't assuming he'd win me. He did.

5. He was well liked and respected by everyone. He stood for something and I saw qualities I liked, consistently.

Bonus #6. He was a fun creative dater. Big time.

5 Things he says he liked about me (what he has said and told our kids- he did approve this list)

1. The first time we went to a campus event "together", I wore tennis shoes. Why does this matter? I wasn't like lots of the girls who were trying too hard to be a Supermodel in pumps (back in the day that pumps and jeans were worn together often). Also falling in this category, I had real fingernails. HA.

2. I didn't call him. We had been dating for awhile before I ever called him first. When lots of girls were calling, apparently I stood out. Harder to get.

3. Even when we disagreed we never fought or argued.

4. He said that I didn't seem to need him in order to be happy and that I was going to live a happy life with or without him. (He explained to me that's appealing because I was confident on my own).
5. I wasn't afraid to be silly and have fun. Ha.
What did you like about your man when you started dating? What did he like about you?

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  1. The first thing I noticed was that he was funny (and gorgeous). A great sense of humor can get you through many of life's ups and downs. He still makes me laugh today, 21 years later.


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