Boyfriends, Fitting in, Bodies and More

Most of our lives have been at least somewhat changed, if not completely changed in the last few years by social media. The world has definitely been changed! 

Facebook has helped us connect with old friends, stay in touch with people we don't have time to see and has given us a new source of news and entertainment each morning!

Then there are the frustrations and problems of Facebook. Many ladies have confessed being a tad bit depressed, insecure, or frustrated after seeing everyone's positive posts about their happy, socially active lives, full of perfect family moments! (We all know that's not reality, but it's still a feeling many fight against).

Whatever your experience has been, there are some cool new things that can happen due to social media. I am not a Twitter fan. I'm on it, barely use it, have tried and just don't get it. But am not giving up just yet. However, one advantage of Twitter is the ability to find people of like minded purpose all over the world to connect and network with.

I "met" Michelle of Michelle in the Middle through Twitter. She is doing a work in North Carolina similar to what I hope to build in my own area over time. Being able to meet and talk with someone who has similar vision is so nice! We have actually talked on the phone. Check out her website and her down to earth blog.  She has written curriculum that schools use to help ease kids through middle school life issues.

This last week, I had the fun of being a guest blogger for Michelle's website. I shared 5 Common Pressures that middle schoolers face, as they have told me over the years. 

Click HERE to read the whole blog and my opinion of the why and the good news behind the pressures, or keep reading to see just the top 5 things that middle schoolers have told me they feel pressure about in today's world.

1.  Pressure to have a boyfriend
2.  Pressure to fit in and be popular
3.  Pressure to be skinny and wear makeup
4.  Pressure with parents and grades
5.  Pressure to like what other people liketo /pay attention to what others think

Sound similar to back when you were in middle school? It is. With even more added pressures. It's the same, but different.

Talk to your kids about these 5 things, and see what kind of discussions come up!

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