Part 1- Being My Child's Advocate at School

Awhile back, my friend Laura shared her 5 Things story.  It's powerful because she came from an abusive childhood, into a strong healthy adulthood. Don't miss out on that story!

I asked her to share again. February and March  always remind me of school making decisions. There are so many choices of school- public, private, charter, homeschool. Everyone knows that if you're going to try to get in a private, special or charter school, deadlines loom about this time of year. Decisions to be made.

Kids are all unique and may thrive in different environments. What's important is to know your child.

What does Laura have to share? I've heard her say that years ago, the schools tried to suggest to her that her son Matt might be slow or need some remedial help. She advocated for him throughout his school years and he now has multiple degrees and does scientific work for NASA. She knew him and she wouldn't let the schools misunderstand or label him.

In her words...

Part One- "How I Became My Child's Advocate"

"In my view, parents are given the ‘gift’ of a child. Their duty is to love them and be their protector and mentor.

One of my first memories from my own chaotic and abusive childhood was this…I was a thumb sucker. It drove my mother crazy, but I loved going to bed at night and sucking my thumb. By the time I was four years old, she had had all she could take.

One evening she dragged me into the kitchen and wrapped adhesive tape around my thumb, poured hot sauce all over the tape, and then sprinkled it heavily with chili powder. As my dad, older brother, aunt and uncle watched, my mother got right in my face and said, “Now suck that!” A loud cackle followed. She thought it was hilarious. No one tried to intervene for me.

I cried myself to sleep, hot mouth, upset stomach, but worst of all, feeling very, very afraid and lonely.

The good that came out of this event?

A future child advocate was born."

That story makes me sad. BUT, it is so true that an advocate for children was born. She has spent much time advocating for her own and many other children as well.

I'll leave you on that cliffhanger for now! Tomorrow she will share a few of the instances Matt had at school and how she handled them.

Come back tomorrow!!

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