5 Things Stories- Juanita Jernigan, Lisa's Mom

Let me introduce you again to my friend Lisa Bain. She has guest blogged for me before, when she shared her very personal journey as a single mom during an earlier time in her life, when her children were young.

She is one of the most inspirational people I know. I call her the Happiest Person on Facebook. Because her posts are always either encouraging like this:

or they are silly like this:


One would assume that she's led a charmed life and has had little to deter her from her amazing smile and outlook, but not the case. Lisa is an example of how to live through life's difficulties with faith in God and a smile on her face. Interspersed with many meltdowns, tons of humor, and most significantly, lots of prayer.

I wanted to know how she was raised and hear more about her family. Lisa has shared much of her story with me and I know her parents are such a foundation, and a perfect example of being in love still after many years together. Her dad, Bill Jernigan, VP of Learning Resources, and also the Director of International Programs at Oral Roberts University, I remember from being on faculty when I was a student. Her mom I've heard so much about, so I asked her to please ask her mom to share 5 things she's glad she did raising her children. Juanita Jernigan gladly shares her story here: (Lisa adds in her thoughts in parentheses).

1.  I'm glad we had family time everyday together. We always had dinner together at 5:00 pm. We were tucked in bed every night with prayer time and it was there we shared about our day. I'm so thankful for those times. (Lisa- So am I. Some of my most healing times were those moments with mom where I opened my heart, shared my hurts from the day, and we prayed together, and I always felt better when we were done talking and praying.)

2. I'm thankful we planned every year a fun vacation. We always went somewhere. Even if the money was tight, we had somewhere fun planned. (Lisa- I have some of the best memories on these vacations. Mom and Dad always made family a priority, no matter what.)

3. I'm glad that I was able to work from home as a piano teacher. I was involved in the kids activities and if they needed me, I was there. I am thankful I was there with them. (Lisa- One of my most dear memories ever was coming home from school on the bus in a snowstorm. The bus got stuck a mile away. My sister and I decided to walk home. We got to the front door, and our feet were so numb we couldn’t even feel our toes. We were frozen! I remember thinking “thank you God we made it home, I am starving and frozen!” Then I opened up the door, and the smell of homemade beef stew filled my nostrils! It was pure heaven! I smell that smell to this day and it takes me right back. Mom had the fire going, and 2 bowls of stew waiting for us with crackers and hot chocolate, on the fireplace hearth. My sister and I ate by the fire that night. It was the best meal I have ever had.)

4.  I am thankful for the way my husband and I disciplined together. It was never in anger, always in love. (Lisa- and I have to vouch for her on this one. They disciplined right! I remember having my rebellious times and my parents were firm, but yet so loving in the way they carried out the discipline. It was hard to stay mad, or rebellious! There was a lot of communication, prayer, unconditional love, and guidance. I remember how much of an impact it all made on me. There was never once in my life a word spoke in us or to the other in their marriage. I realize how blessed I am to have grown up in a home like this. It is rare these days, and I realized that now more than ever.)

5.  I am thankful we were active in church and had our children active in youth groups. (Lisa- I was at church when the doors opened. I loved my youth group so much, I didn’t mind being there almost every day. They opened their home up for the youth weekly. They had meetings, activities, dinners, for all the kids. They even chaperoned on the missions trips. They were involved. This made such an impact on me as well. My dad was very respected and even taught classes. I remember the class he taught to the youth group on Revelation. It was amazing. My Mom and Dad were loved by all the kids.)

Lisa's final thoughts- Our house was a home of peace and everyone who came in felt it. Everyone was welcome, everyone was loved. I have such a precious memory of helping my Dad build an extra room on the back that was used for youth group meetings. It had a pool table, stereo, and a big television. We had a blast in that room! Our youth group loved coming over and my parents loved it that way.

My parents always have prayer time with each other every night. (and still do!) If I call during that time, I know she will let me know and call me back later. It’s a priority. God has always been the first priority of our home. It never wavered....He was always front and center, no matter what.

(Bonus #6) Mom said she is thankful for the way she and Dad always let us know how much they loved each other. They adore each other, and it showed. My father has never uttered a cross word or even so much as raised his voice to my Mom. He adores her. His words were always of adoration toward her, and they still are. I watched a beautiful marriage modeled before me.

I credit that modeling to helping me see the vision I want and have for my own marriage now. I hung onto that vision during my years of being a single mom, after an unexpected divorce.  During those times of feeling abandoned, that foundation  helped me keep the faith that God still had a beautiful plan and husband in my future.

And here is a picture of that wonderful husband Skipper, a perfect match for Lisa. With Mom and Dad.

Now we can see the great foundation that was laid for Lisa and her sister growing up in this family. She was equipped in many ways to ride the ups and downs of life that have come her way, with a faith that remains solid through it all.


  1. This was so sweet. Lisa IS a blessing and I loved reading her mom's 5 things. Having amazing, godly parents to establish such a beautiful foundation is golden. I can attest to that as well.

  2. Karen, so true. Thanks for commenting. Glad you know her too!


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