Mom's Panel- Encouraging Moms of All Ages & Stages

Almost monthly I have the fun sitting on a Mom's Panel with a group of ladies, sharing with other moms the best things we learned about parenting, in the stage of life we represent. Each of us is from a different era of life and momming.

Sharita represents toddlerhood, I recall elementary years, Julie tells about teen years, Dorea advises on college age/young adult stage, Sharon chimes in with humorous convicting advice for those with married children and those who become grandmas. Caroline ends it representing those whose life has taken an unexpected turn and who parent alone. This is our only pic, minus Caroline who was on missions.

All in all, it's a 35 minute presentation, from becoming a mom, to ending up a grandma. Pretty cool!! I want to share some highlights this week from all the tips that are shared during Moms Panel.

But to start, my friend Sharita (the toddler mom, center in picture above), already featured Moms Panel on her own blog, so let's just read hers! I encourage you to check out her blog, Above the Fray, because it's full of insight, encouragement and sheer entertainment. Her writing style is amazing and is like dessert for the mind! My favorite humorous post you must read is If You're Gonna Fall, Stick It!

So here's Sharita, in her words:

"I get to be part of a really awesome panel of 6 mamas. The purpose? To encourage moms in their current season of life and give them a heads up about what's ahead. If you're not a mom, stay with me because the material we share actually applies to all people. Grannies, Papaws, Cousins, Godparents, Siblings, Foster Parents, Guardians, Aunts and Uncles even. Everybody can walk away with helpful information. Promise.

The cool thing about the panel is that it's comprised of 6 women and we're all from different walks of life. Each mama shares ten things she is learning or has learned about her current season of life. It's funny. It's real. It's encouraging. I am on the panel and I laugh, cry and learn something new every time we speak.

Just to whet your tastebuds... here are a few juicy bits.

Raising Preschool Children

Never bad mouth spouse, parents, in-laws to/with/in front of the chi'ren. Save personal gripe sessions for a confidante (not your child) who will listen to you, pray for you and then tell you to snap out of it!

 Raising Elementary Ages

My example trumps all. We can say what we want to our children, but they will follow what we do. How I live matters.

Raising Teenagers

I have learned not to overreact and jump in too early... I need to respond vs. react... I realize my child will pick up on my emotions and it can possibly make things worse.

Raising College Age "Adults"

You've had them 18 years... it's too late if you haven't taught them to make their bed, wash their own clothes, be responsible with money, choose their own friends and study. Sink or swim... let them... and don't nag.

Interactions w-Married "Children" and Grandchildren

Love grown children and their spouses unconditionally. Encourage constantly. Find positive character traits and offer genuine praise often. Communicate with genuine love and respect.

Raising children as a Single Parent

Choose to go on living rather than allow myself to be paralyzed emotionally and spiritually... living in a long-term dazed state. I may have to make this choice repeatedly.

And that's just an appetizer! I hope something encouraged or inspired ya! Pass it on or live it. Community is a huge part of raising young'uns so don't discount yourself if you aren't a parent. We all have a part to play in the lives of people who are younger than we are.

And as far as the mom panel goes, it's a full dose of laughter, truth and encouragement. Pinky swear! We travel and we're willing to talk to anybody who'll listen! Holler if you'd like to have us come share the full monty!


  1. This is great advice... little golden nuggets.

    Funny how I was feeling especially interested with the advice about interactions with married children and grandchildren. Mine aren't married or with children yet, but, my parents have emulated the advice:

    "Love grown children and their spouses unconditionally. Encourage constantly. Find positive character traits and offer genuine praise often. Communicate with genuine love and respect."

    And its been such a blessing to me. I want to be this way with my kids and grandkids.

    1. ...the stage you are entering next, dear!! :) helpful that you've had it modeled well in your life.


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