Our Easter in Pictures

Somehow these three sweet little girls....
turned into these three amazing girls!
So on Easter, I never know what traditions to keep up from younger years...just when I think everyone is too old for a tradition, I'll skip something only to hear fits about "Why didn't you make ___?" and "Of course we still want an Easter egg hunt!" 

So I prepped eggs to color and had eggs for an Easter egg hunt ready, just in case. It's always been a big part of Easter for us. 

We never got around to it this year, because we were distracted with lots of fun with this wonderful group of college kids who joined us for Easter dinner. Why disrupt a flow of fun?

I'm quite sure they were being goofy here. The guys were making fun of the pose.

See the lovely table my daughter decorated, before we moved everything so they could all see each other!?

The one tradition that will never be skipped, or forgiven if it was, the lamb bread. Be careful what you start when they're young, moms! :)  Actually, I love making this lamb bread. Over the years it's finally become easy to make. Not so much in the beginning. 

It represents the Passover Lamb, and ultimately, Jesus. When the kids were younger, we'd comment about what the Lamb symbolizes as we made it or had dinner. This year when I asked,  I was met with silence and stares. Time to move on. HA. They all know already. 

It's sad to tear it apart and eat it.  Especially the head.
But I'm sure it was sad to give up the cute little lamb to be sacrificed back in Bible days too. 

Here he is before he's cooked. He gets so puffy when he's done! Wait, I can't figure out how to reposition the picture. Oh well, here he is, uncooked and sideways.

So outside to take some family pics while we were dressed up. 
After 20 plus years together, my hubby and I still don't know how to pose together without looking distorted and unnatural. We discussed it before taking this picture, trying to remember what we've found to work. Obviously, we forgot.  What an unnatural pose. And we all laughed that my husband  says he doesn't know how to smile in pictures naturally. So he says "Yaaayyy" every time. Ha!  

Being in a family of all girls, he nicely puts up with all the picture taking.

I was a little sad that we never colored Easter eggs, so I colored six by myself. I just had to try the idea I saw on Pinterest of using a cupcake pan to dye eggs in. What a brilliant simple idea. It works. I'm sold.

I did not Easter egg hunt by myself though. I let that one go this year.

It's been a busy month! We celebrated all three girls birthdays in the last few weeks also.

Grandpa decorated that last cake, a dollar for every year :)  The cake is Grandma's famous Carrot Cake.

And we celebrated one tablecloths birthday. Yes the tablecloth was bought from Lillian Vernon by Grandma on my daughter's first birthday. It has celebrated every family birthday since. So happy 18th birthday tablecloth!

What a great month, but I'm ready for a relatively "blank" calendar for the next few weeks!


  1. That lamb bread is very cool----what a fun, albeit, work-intense, tradition to have for your family :)

    We didn't dye any Easter eggs this year. At two, I figured it would be a huge mess to include my girls. Maybe next year. I should probably start working up the courage to do that now---ha!

    Carrot cake is my favorite :)

  2. Thanks Julie, yes because of the bread, the rest of dinner is canned or steam in a bag, it heat in the oven only :) yes, next year may be perfect!

  3. Hi! Random person here, but do you happen to know where you got your tablecloth at? We have one exactly like it that is getting worn out, and I'd love to replace it as a surprise for my mother, but I have no idea where to find it at. (I found the blog through a Google Image search for "birthday tablecloth")

    1. How funny Rebecca! Well I'm almost certain it was bought from Lillian Vernon, I'll double heck with my mom.


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