Mother's Day Tributes - Carole Coussens

This week approaching Mother's Day, we are honoring moms who have gone on to Heaven, yet left a legacy here on earth. One of the first people I asked to share was my friend Lori.

Lori and her husband Jeff used to be our fun loving, vibrant pastors, and we were blessed to have been involved with them for a season in church life. Though Lori's mom, Carole Coussens, had passed away  years prior, her name often came up in sermons and in conversation. Though I never met her, she raised 4 girls and a son who I have met, and from all observations of them, she did a phenomenal job as a mom.

Pastor Jeff described her in his sermons as a "Y'all come" type of mom, meaning everyone was always welcome. This was in contrast to the "peephole" mentality, the one who peeks through the peephole to see who is at the door, then decides whether to open it or not. Apparently, Carole was not that way. The more the merrier!

Jeff and Lori themselves have 4 children, almost all grown, and Lori's only daughter Hannah Jeanne was named after Carole Jeanne. Pastor Jeff often said in those sermons how sad it was that someone so amazing passed away so early....Lori was just 31 years old when her mom went to be with the Lord.

I asked Lori to share with you today.

"5 Things about my Mother's life for which I am thankful:

1 - She welcomed everyone into our home (no matter their economic status, race, or anything)....she truly treated everyone as if they were a family member & there was always room for more at our dinner table.

2 - She did not say critical or negative things about people...simply said, she did not speak bad words about or over people.

3 - She showed me how to love & care for the elderly as she volunteered at our town's nursing home & took us with her (my children have grown up doing this & I am thankful for that).

4 - She cared for widows in our small town without anyone knowing it by cleaning their homes, taking them groceries, or stopping by their homes to just visit (it was in her heart which is how Christ says it should be).

5 - She listened so very well when I talked & then spoke with love even when it was not what I wanted to hear. This made it easier to take her guidance & advice as I knew when she spoke, it was not impulsively...she had put thought & prayer into it.

My Mother was an amazing woman. This picture above of us was on my wedding day was 27 years ago. 
She  passed away when I was 31 - way too soon in my eyes, but I am forever grateful for the blessing that God gave me with my Mother.
She was truly a Proverbs 31 woman. My Mother has and will always be my role model."


  1. As one of Lori's closest friends growing up, I spent many hours in the home of Carole Jeanne Coussens. Every word spoken here is the truth...she was a beautiful, caring soul who would do anything for anyone. I was blessed to know her :) Love, Patty

    1. Patty, that is so nice. Thank you for taking the time to share. Glad you got to know her!

  2. Carole was one of the most wonderful women I have ever known. Lori is my cousin and all that she wrote - and more - are true of her mom. She was an amazing woman who left this earthly world way too early.

  3. I was Lori's younger sister Jill's friend and spent ALOT of time in their home. Carole was a wonderful, caring person who I am glad I had the piiveledge to know. Always made me feel like one of her own ;-)

  4. thanks ladies for taking time to comment. It sounds like she blessed everyone she knew!


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