Tribute to Gram Horseman

If I was a well planned blogger, I would have thought of these things way ahead of time and been prepared...But no, I decided today to blog about my grandma, my dad's mom, Gram Horseman.

I had only asked women to write about their moms who have already passed, but today I realized I can't leave Gram Horseman out. In my impatience that I may or may not have gotten from her, I'm not even allowing time to ask my dad or anyone else their 5 Things about her. I'll do it myself :)

Thankfully, I found the photo album I made her on her 90th birthday. She has gone on to be with the Lord since. It's fun to look back at these pictures of her and my grandpa, who we called Guy. As a kid, I always thought he looked like Bob Hope.

Things that come to mind about Gram Horseman:

Visiting her house in Kansas City. Going to the front closet upon arrival to get out the pages of puzzles from the newspaper that she'd saved  for me to do.


Pick up sticks.

When they would arrive at our house Christmas morning, bringing home made povatica bread.

You can actually order some here, though it probably won't be as good as hers. It's still yummy!!

Her tiny backyard with a birdbath in it.
One of her favorite songs "It Only Takes a Spark".

How she and Guy took my brother on vacation every summer but not me or my sister. But it didn't even seem unfair. I knew I didn't want to go fishing so I didn't care. Nowadays we worry about everything being fair...maybe it doesn't have to be.

After my wedding, how she kindly but very boldly and firmly rebuked my new brother in law whom she'd barely met, for playing a joke on his brother (my new husband) during the ceremony. She didn't mess around :)
When I aggressively plow through crowds of people in public and get called "Gram Horseman" by family. Apparently I look like her when I do that.

How she rode a motorcycle with her grandson well into her 80's and was excited about it.

The legend that late in her 80's when she had to have a tooth removed, she didn't use painkillers or medication. Ha. Our high pain tolerance comes from her.

My kids got to know her. And she didn't mind being silly.

How sad she was when she had to stop driving in her 80's.

In her 90's she didn't want to go live at the old folks home "with all those old people".

When she passed away, I received her jewelry box, which amazingly still smells the same. I always loved going through her jewelry in her bedroom.

That's more than 5 things, but I couldn't help it. And of course the one picture that won't scan is the one of our whole family with her. Why oh why. But in my impatience, I will post this anyway, without the picture, because I just have to. This was fun to write.

Happy Mother's Day week! What do you remember about your grandma?

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