Crazy Summer Schedules?

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It's summer time! Time for moments like these. Relaxed. Unplanned. Spontaneous.

But with three teenage girls, now our summer looks like this for the first time.

photo credit- my ipad pic of my fridge

I just posted on our Facebook page, 5 Things, that I'm so thankful for hard working girls, who have multiple jobs, making bank in this economy. Seems each summer I hear a new report of how hard it is for teens to find jobs, but mine are always working.

Part of that is our region of the country and part is due to their strong work ethic and entrepreneurism.

But now with two working and one volunteering, along with all the fun summer camps and events, you can see how full the calendar is!

We used to eat dinner together several times a week. Now I have one scheduled in on Friday.

I know this is normal.

But gee whiz.

I'm new to this and adjusting to the new normal.

Good news is, I suppose, that I have all this time alone to accomplish lots of things!

Except that something always happens...like the text I just got from one daughter asking me to bring something she forgot to her all day event. I just got home. Should I help her? This isn't a normal trait with her, forgetting things... 

This is what fill my summer days. It's reminding me of my former post from last summer,

A highlight in all of this though- One thing I prayed for a lot when my girls were little was that their gifts and talents would become evident early, so that we can help point them in that direction.

That has begun to be answered.

One just got a job  in a field that we discovered a couple of years ago that she is truly gifted in. She has an eye for design and can rearrange and decorate in a way that's not normal- it's obviously a gift.
One spends a great deal of time doing what she's always loved since toddlerhood- horses.
The photography talent that emerged in the other is amazing and she has her own thriving business, taking pictures like this:

 So they are all out spending time doing worthy things.
And I decided to go deliver some forgotten items.

Happy summer!!

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  1. I am so thankful for their integrity and responsibility. We are overjoyed in having the girls over! The kids love them also! Way to go Holly! You're a great example!!!


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