Black Light Prayers, Deciding to Marry & 5th Grade Friendships

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Things to come....

Have another great story from a college senior coming up.

Working on a list of "relationship advice" for girls considering marriage (asked for by girls who are at the age of considering marriage). You have input?? Leave it in the comments here, please!

Working on the next 5 Things story from another mom.

Meanwhile, local meetings with girls are up and running again after a summer break. We had a wonderful prayer meeting last night with high school and college girls. I love that our church has a prayer room that is VERY coolly (is that a word?) designed, accessible to use 24/7 by the church and public.

Imagine this- a cozy room that artists have designed floor to ceiling, covered with pictures, scripture, a map of the city. All over the walls people who pray have written prayers. It's all set off with cool black lighting for a funky feel...(normal lighting for the non funky pray-ers).  The girls ADORE this room. We ladies suffered and struggled to actually see the Bible references we referred to, but ya know, suffer for awesome lighting and atmosphere!

I'm thankful for ladies who give their time to pray with these girls and for the girls who are honestly seeking God in their life journey.

Starting tomorrow, we kick off a Girls 101 5 week after school Friendship Series at an elementary school for 5th and 6th grade girls. Pictures to come! And the very best thing, I have 10 committed fellow volunteers who are so excited to invest into these girls lives, the majority of which are girls who have been in meetings with me since THEY were that age. LOVE it. So glad to have them.

Now, put on your thinking cap and leave me your best relationship advice in the comments, for those considering marriage. Please. :)


  1. My relationship advice from a single girl (who wants to get married) is take your time and don't waste your time on desiring that which you don't have. Be thankful and grateful for this moment. Enjoy the phase of life you are in now. And PRAY!! If we seek God and desire His will in our lives, He will be faithful to meet us there! I have never dated anyone, and as I approach 25 I am realizing more and more how grateful I am for that and how glad I am that I haven't dated. There have been moments that I have not been happy about that, but I am so grateful that I have that gift to give to an incredible man of God. Wow. . .this is a really long comment. . .oops! :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Meli! No worries on long comment, I don't have a problem with that :) I like your perspective. What a whole woman your one-day hubby will get!


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