Once Again- Awkward Talk #4

I'm reposting the last Awkward Talk #4,  to parents. Not enough people read it, and I can't tell you how many things have come up on this subject since I posted it. So here we go again, click on this link:

Awkward Talk #4

You may even get blessed, who knows? A friend shared this good report- after reading this post, she followed her teen son on Instagram, determining to check things out and make sure it was all okay. She found only good things, like scriptures and family pictures. She was so blessed! And she unfollowed him and gave him privacy back, sure of his character online.

Now that's a good story. That's the way we like it.

So go ahead, creep on your kids. You'll either be confirmed and relieved, or you'll find something that needs to be talked about and clarified. Either way, greater good is accomplished.

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