Pt.2 - Eating Disorders- Prevention

Did you miss the last post? I introduced you to a blog friend, Laura, from www.pruningprincesses.combecause she is sharing a series of blogs on eating disorders. I'm jumping on board and sharing them with you, because she has done a great job covering this important topic.

First, having daughters too, Laura shares her own private thoughts as a mom of girls. As moms, I'm sure we all wonder or fear sometimes of the "what if" questions. What if I don't see it? Is she really just a picky eater? Read Laura's heartfelt intro for this series of blog posts here.

Then she took us to a story of a mom named Sadie who has struggled for years with an eating disorder. She describes a bit of what it's like inside the mind of someone struggling with an eating disorder, and thoughts she still has as a continual overcomer.

Today is Emily's Story. Her eating disorder story began at age 9.

Emily Wierenga is author of Chasing Silhouettes: How to Help a Loved One Battling an Eating Disorder a book that tells the story of redemption, the story of how a little girl decided to get better when she realized God had saved her on that hospital bed. She should have died, and she didn’t, and she was a miracle, the nurses said. 

Emily says, "I’ve written this book, with the help of professionals from Remuda Ranch, Mercy Ministries, Brookhaven Hospital, and other organizations, to help provide insight into the mind and heart of an eating disordered person."

Thank goodness for those who have decided to tell their stories and have written books like this as a resource for others. Eating disorders among girls and women are too common. Educating ourselves as much as we can, to know how to recognize signs and to know how to help others is a good thing.

 There is some research that says tendency toward eating disorders can be genetic.  There are girls who come from seemingly perfect scenarios who still struggle with eating disorders, so don't "beat yourself up" as a mom if your daughter struggles. Jump in and get informed, to help find answers. Check out these wonderful resources that Laura has shared.

Don't miss this list of prevention tips. It's never too early to start talking about body issues with girls. And as Laura states in these blogs, we have to look at our own views and habits as a mom too.

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