Sadie's Story- Eating Disorders

Hey ladies, moms and dads, grandmas, teachers, caring friends. There's a problem out there that's so hard to see sometimes, but yet so real.

Eating Disorders.

The stats are huge for how many people suffer from eating disorders. I've known too many personally who struggle. I remember being at lunch with 3 other ladies as we reminisced back on high school days. I learned that all three of the other ladies had an eating disorder in high school. Wow.

Sometimes I think about blogging on a subject, then I find someone who has already done it so well, I'd rather just share their blog with you. Today my friend Laura, of Pruning Princesses has begun a series on this subject.

Please take a moment to discover Sadie's Lifelong Struggle. Sadie is a mom of 5 daughters, with a personal history of eating disorders. She shares how she thinks, what the struggles feel like and how she overcomes.

Most importantly, she talks prevention.

More is coming up, but check out today's first story from Sadie.

Thanks friends. It's good to educate ourselves. Most likely we all know someone dealing with this issue in some way.

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