5 Things- Holiday Style

Tis the time of year for celebrating!

For those that don't know, I just self published a holiday book! 
5 Things- Holiday Style...Making the Season Meaningful. Affordable. Unforgettable".

It's been in my head for a few years. Actual fruition of the idea was inspired by seeing a book my friend made.

My friend Lisa, who is amazing first of all, had a book published this fall.

Actually her friends turned her blog into a book for a fundraising effort. Lisa's sweet mom is going through cancer treatments right now, Lisa has overcome health issues herself, and she spends SO much time helping various causes in our city, many involving cancer, animals and children. She has spent time with cancer patients, helping them through treatment. She basically brings her happy self to many people who need her. She has overcome much and shares her story very openly, bringing hope and life to many. (She even wears a chicken costume for some occasions, but you'll have to get her book to find out why!)

Her book is called "Joy in the Journey: Finding Laughter and Miracles in Very Dark Places" by Lisa Jernigan Bain. You can find it on Amazon.

So I pounded it out for a couple of weeks and put all the ideas in my head onto paper. With the help of my hubby, this first 5 Things book was created! (Many more to come!) In it, I share many ideas, traditions, menus and recipes that our family has used over the course of many years through the holidays. Many of my mom's best recipes that I use are in it. I love to celebrate, as you will find out in this book!

5 Things- Holiday Style is like a guide through the holidays, and it reads more like a book than a cookbook. Humorous stories guide you throughout. I promise you will laugh out loud at least once, and giggle a few times. Many reports of crying too. The response has been awesome, truly. So many emailed, texted or told me that they read the entire thing in one setting. I'm so grateful for the response!

All the books I sold here locally were part of a fundraising effort too. 10% went to my daughter's youth group fundraiser- a clean water well in Uganda. The rest is set aside to benefit Girls 101 Workshops, the cause I am determined to bring to our city in a bigger way. More to come on that in the future.

If you are interested, you can find me on Amazon. Just do a search for "5 Things- Holiday Style" and up I pop!

Merry Christmas!

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