Yet Another Suicide. More Bullying.

For those of us in my city, a couple of days ago came the sad news of yet another suicide, this one at the I High in Coweta. There have been way too many in our city this year.

Some of the suicides this year have hinted at being results of possible bullying, some we will never know.

However, according to many students, parents and witnesses, this week's 9th grade boy appeared to have been a victim of sure bullying, according to this news report. We are so sorry and send prayers to his family and friends. For the full story, click on this link below, highlighted in blue.

But first, it gets worse. This seems to be an ongoing issue in this particular area. One girl from this same area came forward to tell about being a victim of intense bullying also. According to the news story, it sounds like parents have already been banding together in this area trying to take some action against an obvious problem. In this news link, a copy of one of the vicious notes left in this girl's locker is posted for all of us to see. It's important to look at it, though the news story cautions "Graphic Content". Please take a look.


Thank goodness the girl told someone, who thankfully told her parents. Unfortunately it looks like when the school did take some action, the perpetrators just changed victims. Unfortunately, the next victim took his life this week.

I have no idea which schools in our city take action and which say "kids will be kids", so I cannot comment to that.

But I do know that it's complex and terrible and needs some action. Snapping bra straps and tripping someone in the hallway may have been the problems years ago, but now there are some terrible actions being taken that are way beyond comprehension. The note in that news article is a perfect example of the brutality of some things happening today.

For adults to just say "kids will be kids" doesn't work anymore. Sometimes just telling a kid to "suck it up" doesn't work.

On the flip side, some schools are so stringent now, we end up with stories like this one in the news today about the 7 year old boy suspended from school for throwing a fake grenade. He said he was playing "Save the World" and threw the fake grenade to destroy evil and save the world. Pretty typical behavior for young boys. Surely schools can find a happy medium between this severity of action, and "kids will be kids". 

Please tell someone if you are being treated this way. Tell someone who cares.

Please tell someone if you know a friend is being treated this way. Even if your friend gets mad.

Use your schools anonymous tip line if you don't want to be known. If your school doesn't have one, ask them to set one up. 

Adults, take time to learn and listen, not to just brush off reports as kids being too sensitive. Stand up for them if something bad is happening to them. If you know something and don't want to be known, you use the anonymous tip line at the school too! It can be scary to confront- do it anonymously if you can't in person. 

People have gotten a little weary of the word bullying, I know. We can't call every conflict between individuals bullying, or we lessen the weight of true bullying. But what seems to be going on at this local school is true bullying- when a student receives a letter that says, "You stupid attention whore. Pigs like you deserve to get slaughtered. Just make everybody happier and die. JUST DIE." Perpetrators like this need to be found and punished. 

After the death this week, one mom started a Facebook Page called  Oklahoma Parent's Alliance Against Bullying. She posts some helpful tips for how to take action within the school system if your child is being bullied. 

OK Parents Alliance Against Bullying shared some good tips today.  Keep copies of every form of proof of harassment. Keep the notes, texts, emails, print out the IM's, social media, etc. 

Also, on the Oklahoma Dept of Education website, there is a lot of info on bullying, complete with official forms to fill out when reporting an incident. 

If your school doesn't respond effectively, move on up to the next level to report it again.

Meanwhile, let's stay busy with our own kids and all of those in our sphere of influence, being a good role model and teaching how to have character and be a good person. 

And I'll continue trying to grow Girls 101 Workshops and get them into schools, where one of the things we cover is issues like these. 

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