End of School Year Musings

Please take a minute and lighten your day and read --->  the funniest blog post ever by Jen Hatmaker. She hits the nail on the head today with her end of school year musings of a worn out mom!  

My I'm kinda glad those days are over, though they were definitely fun then.

I planned a 4th grade Girls 101 workshop for next week, which meant I had to be advertising and talking to moms about it all last month. Comments I got were "help!! end of school year events!! been busy!!!" and "haven't checked email, sorry!! busy!!!"

I forgot. Forgot just how busy that is.

I'm sorry to moms who I helped irritate as I planned those end of year gifts and parties for the classroom years ago! I had my pseudo-over the top phase, but balanced out by my shrinking away from the mom who bought monogrammed lunch kits for each kid in class for the last day of school lunch. Really?? Let's be fun, but isn't that a bit much? Moms were too nice to say anything, but I still glanced around curiously at other moms during the party, trying to figure out if I was alone in my thinking....I don't think I was. You know, the nice Christian mom looks. We shouldn't really gossip about or say blatantly mean things about another mom, but we can give each other looks, widen our eyes, raise our eyebrows, give a questionable smirk....If nothing was said out loud, it doesn't count, right? 

Relief hit when one school we had our kids in said "No purchased gifts for teachers. It has to be homemade, handwritten, or flowering". YES! I'm sure those teachers probably threw away many homemade gifts, but claps for simplicity.

Times do change. Having only high schoolers at home now, I barely know what's going on with school. I doubt I could name two of my daughter's teachers (the one who goes to the large public school). I might be able to name two of my other daughter's teachers (the one who attends the large private school). Maybe.

In fact, two weeks ago, the funniest thing happened. Maybe you saw pictures of the Girls 101 Workshop I did at a local elementary school this semester. Well the 6th graders BEGGED me to come to their year end award assembly. So I did. It was so sweet to see all their awards and get attacked by their hugs.

Fast forward to my exit from that sweet assembly, I flipped through Instagram on my way out to the car and see a picture of MY OWN daughter, at the same time, at her school, smiling on stage with the title JUNIOR CLASS ASSEMBLY. 

I panicked and texted her, "AM I SUPPOSED TO BE AT YOUR SCHOOL? Did you have a school awards assembly??" She sent back, "No, it was super short and no parents were there."


But sad.

Oh well.

Enter the new era of ..not being busy with end of school year events!

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