Just to Make You Feel Good

I'm laughing at the craziness of my house today. Just in case anyone should think perhaps I have it all together (which I really hope you don't), thought I'd share some photos from the day.

During this super busy few weeks, something has to fall apart, so it is my house. I went out of town for 8 days to the writing conference, spent a couple of extra days there, writing and visiting a friend, came home to then leave again to lead an out of town workshop, and in all the moments between am working on writing as much as I can!

So this is to make you feel better. Or to shatter any other image you may have had of me. HA. (Sorry mom. I'll be getting a phonecall from her I'm sure. She would have never let this happen).

This has been at the top of my staircase all summer, waiting on me to have a garage sale. 
We've been adding and adding to the garage sale collections. This is the hallway. Now I have to really have the garage sale. 
My daughter has been banned from all activities until this is cleaned up. 
Someone thankfully did the laundry, but can we make bets how long it will stay here?
An entire box of Girls 101 shirts waiting to be dealt with. 
My daughter spilled olive oil in the kitchen. Gross.
Then I came back to find this. "Are you coming back to clean this up??" 
"I had to go cut my friend's hair!" 
It is still waiting on her.

I want to throw away my house and start over! I told everyone I am leaving again. HA, not really. 

My house will be cleaned in two weeks. Promise. 

If I can stand it that long!


  1. I SO needed to see this today! Thank you for your honesty! We're in the midst of several big renovation projects which have caused chaos in every single room in our house, and I'm trying so hard to keep a thankful heart and good attitude, when all I really want to do is scream at the messes around me and do just what you said - throw the house away. :-)

    1. well I'm so glad it helped someone! :) A messy house can drive me crazy, but sometimes I just have to realize it's temporary. What's funny is my girls have all been working so much, often cleaning houses for OTHER PEOPLE that I can't get much extra help at home. Oh well.

  2. Really, I just added you to my list of people I adore. My house doesn't look any better and I haven't left and I've hardly written. Actually, I am supposed to be cleaning it right now! As for hoarders, perhaps she hasn't actually seen the show?


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