Yummy T-shirts Designed Just for Girls

We just had these awesome tshirts for girls (and women) made!

 They are the kind made of yummy soft dreamy fabric, not just your average t-shirts. These are available for purchase on our website www.5things.us on the Shop Here link. Teens love them! They especially love what the shirts say. 
If you have questions or are interested in bulk orders, email me at hollytumpkin@gmail.com. 

The design was born out of a workshop on Identity. In a world that constantly reminds us of all the ways we are not good enough, this silhouette is filled with truths that we can remind ourselves of daily instead. 

You are wonderfully complex. You are unique. You have thoughts and ideas that are important. It is good to be smart. You have goals and plans for your life. Your inside matters. Your heart matters. You are loved. You’re good at things. You have gifts and talents no one else has. God created you specifically. You’re a friend and you may be a girlfriend or wife one day, but you’re also a sister, a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter, a student, a leader, a role model, a neighbor, a child of God. And someone’s hope. And someone’s favorite person. Don’t’ forget that. You have an exciting destiny to fulfill. There are bigger goals than being sexy. There are bigger goals than being popular. There’s more to life than tweets, retweets, likes and followers. There are bigger plans than the next party and a pair of lips to kiss or a hand to hold. One day you will have all the things you want now. One day. You’re in a short beautiful season of life. Enjoy it. You’ll get through it wonderfully. Think big. Bigger. Live above the norm. let people see you rising above and living well. Reach down and help them up. Share love. Share joy. Share your hope and your prayers with them. Help them rise up too. Remember your maker- he’s always remembering and thinking of you.

Remember that you are more than what you look like. You are more than what you wear. You’re even more than you might think you are. No one can imagine who are you on the inside. Don’t be afraid to share that with the world. We can’t live without the real you! This world needs who you are. We don’t want to miss out on you. People right now may not see who you are, but someONE does. He knows. You know. One day they will know. It’s okay. It’s like your little secret. A best kept secret. One day HE will tell the world and then they’ll go WOW. We didn’t know. But how cool. Won’t that be cool. Until then, you and He can smile about it.

© Girls 101

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