Pt. 3 - College Girls Speak Out- Freshman Year at a Community College

(originally posted 8-30-12)

This is College Week! If you missed the previous posts, we are hearing from a few girls fresh out of freshman phase, here to give you some insights into their first year away at school.

Catch up if you need to first, every story is different, so don't miss out:

Pt. 1 - She went from public school to a state university. To Rush or not Rush, academics, party scene...she talks about all these.

Pt. 2 - This girl went from homeschooling to a private university across the country. She had a polar opposite roommate, and an interesting story!

Today's former freshman tells of going from private school to community college.

"I'd been in the same school all of my life, so the first day of college was scary. I'd never had a "first day" at a new place since preschool! I didn't like high school that much, and thought college would be pretty much the same thing. I found that I enjoyed it more!

I went to local community college. I lived at home at first with curfew and do's and don'ts. Then I lived on my own in an apartment with no one telling me what to do. I had kind of crazy roommate issues, but I'm still glad I did it. I became "real-world-wise." I worked three jobs, and it opened my eyes to crazy people out there in the world, as well as good people. I found good people in random places.

I thought it wouldn't be hard (college and living on own), but it is. I felt prepared, but not bored in school academically. I had the opportunity to travel abroad with a class. The drinking age was different there (16 years old). We ate at a lot of pubs, it was very different, I even saw little kids drinking over there. I faced a lot of peer pressure to drink on that trip, and was given a hard time for not doing so. I grew up more in those 12 days than ever.

Basically, just know who you are going into college. It could be very easy to change yourself for the sake of others unless you are confident in who you are. College should be a fun time to experience new things that you want to experience, and to grow up (become your own person outside of the identity of parents). So give yourself the opportunity to do so!"

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