Not-a-Garage Sale, With a Purpose!

Back to School Girls 101 "Not-A-Garage-Sale"!

This week I'm having what I like to call my "Not a Garage Sale" to raise money for 5 Things/Girls 101 goals!!

9/3 and 9/4 EVENINGS- Tues. & Wed. evening, 7:00pm-8:30pm
9/4 and 9/5 DAYS- Wed. and Thurs. 9:00am- 3:00pm (maybe FRI)

House stuff, furniture, d├ęcor, lots of CAbi clothes (some never worn), and Girls 101 silhouette shirts!

If I called it a Garage Sale I might stress out, so instead, I trick my mind and just post on Facebook (and now here) asking friends to drop by, talk and have coffee, and shop if they wish. Oh and I set out all kinds of good stuff in my house that can be purchased.

Friends have donated great stuff to the cause this year too!


I know everyone who may come.

Free advertising.

I'm working on my computer getting work done in between shoppers.

I get to see friends, catch up with people and talk about girl stuff, even find volunteers.

Good stuff finds a new home.

Money is raised that helps spread Girls 101 love.

Last year's sale helped me cover supply costs to do a volunteer workshop with 5th and 6th graders at Sequoyah Elementary School. We turned $270 into 15 happy girls at an at-risk school for 5 weeks, with the help of volunteers.

Personal Goal- A goal that I've had, that has been successful so far, is to cash flow any activities we do with Girls 101. For years I covered costs of groups myself when I worked part time, and the groups I held were for my own daughters and their friends.

As we have been trying to build this thing and expand into community and schools, no longer can I dip into family budget to cover these costs, so I've been determined to make or earn the money needed along the way, so as not to strain family budget (or nice husband haha). So it's been a slow pace, but one I've been okay with.

Goals- The goals I am raising funds for now include:

-the behind the scene less fun things that are required to expand further. In order to get Girls 101 workshop curriculum available to you, there are many costs involved- editing, graphic design, layout, website design, etc.

-there are also schools wanting to have workshops that may not have funding available, so we will be seeking sponsorship for the cost of workshops for schools who cannot cover it themselves.

Donate- If you believe in the cause of helping teen girls grow up well and encouraging moms along the way, you may donate toward our goals. There is now a Donate button on that you can give funds through Paypal. Checks can be sent to Girls 101, 9524 E. 81st St. B-1503, Tulsa OK 74133, made out to Girls 101.
Help is incredibly appreciated.
Much has been done through folks blessing us along the way, more girls are reached.
GIRLS 101 Silhouette T-shirts will be here for sale also!


IF YOU'D LIKE TO SHOP, email me at for address.

For the sake of reaching our girls, thank you to all!

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