The Holy Pumpkin

October 1st- Let Fall Begin!!

My favorite month of the year- Fall, cool air, yummy things to bake, pumpkins, orange, my favorite things.

And now, OH THE JOYS that have sprung from one clueless Pei Wei worker! As I picked up my to-go dinner a few years ago, I noticed my name on the receipt, "Holy Pumpkin" (even my last name rhymes with pumpkin). Really?? I know phone reception can be bad, but come on, did they really think I said Holy Pumpkin? Or are they just a really bad speller?

Well regardless of the reason, that clueless worker launched my love of fall into a new level. You know I love a theme, so I rushed over to a pumpkin patch to take a picture to represent "Holy Pumpkin". This is it. Isn't it great???

Eventually I thought, Oct. 1, the launch into my favorite month will forever be bequeathed
 "Holy Pumpkin Day!"

Those who know my husband and I,  KNOW that we are far from conceited (I hope), but he has dubbed Fantasy Football Draft Day as "Steve Tumpkin Day", because it's the best day of the year (according to him, not me). It's actually caught on and he's getting wishes for Happy Steve Tumpkin Day.

Why not join the party and make my own holiday HAHA? Start the month off right, then we end it with "Happy Hollyween" because the 31st actually is my birthday.


It's also the day to bust out your book "5 Things- Holiday Style" that you bought last year. This is a book of 3 months of celebrations, ideas, traditions and recipes, covering October, November and December.

A great book for you, or for a young mom who may be just beginning starting traditions for her family. It is a fundraiser for Girls 101 events and can be found at Amazon! 

Go to Amazon, go to books category, and do a search for "5 Things- Holiday Style". 

Here is the link:


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