I've Forgotten How to Blog

It's been awhile.

After 20 years of having the convenient, but very full life of raising kids at home, (thanks to a nice husband), I took a full time job almost 4 months ago (pesky college bills). Yes, we all wondered how I would manage to make it there by 8:00am looking good, while portraying a state of function at the same time. Morning is not my forte.

I've been doing the "roll out of bed" in time to get in the car (in pajamas) and drive the kids to school for a loooonnnnngggg time. I never went back to bed, but getting ready, putting on a face, and wearing actual clothing was done in a pleasant, leisurely fashion for all of my adult life. I know, boo hoo. I'm a diva. At least I was.

The part time jobs I have worked through the years have all been at home, entrepreneurial, or flexible at least. So this is a NEW phase. But one that I have surprisingly adapted to. Starbucks helps me get revved up for the day. They know me now. I'm the grande Americano with cream and _ sugars in the morning drive through. I often wonder if they know it's me, or if 200 other people order the same thing daily.

I spent almost two months both coffee and sugar free when I started my job, and I announced it publicly. You were so proud of me, and I regret to inform you that I've fallen into my old ways. My birthday started the quick downhill spiral. Sigh. Cycle starts over.

As you can tell, it's taken almost 4 months to sit and write again. Wow, I'm sorry to anyone I ever tried to get to volunteer or attend ANYTHING over the last few years if you worked full time. I don't want to do anything! What an adjustment.

Anyhow, I write in my head daily, so I'm really sorry you can't read it, because it's really good.

There are so many things to write about.

But for now, I'm just saying hello, and I'm actually still here!  I have had a lot of fun moments at this job with college students who ROCK, who give me hope for the future of our world, because the cream of the crop attend where I work, and it's a blessing to help them.

More to come.

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  1. I'm still doing what you used to do and wondering if a full-time job is in the works for me someday in the future. Thanks for paving the way. heh heh.


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