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WOW. That was then, this is now! After a hilarious afternoon getting four opinionated sisters to agree on a picture to post with this blog, I told them that nothing has changed! You would think we were all still 15! I have a whole new set of blog material with their rantings of who looked like what in each picture! :) Having 25 children among them, it was pretty difficult to find a non-pregnant skinny phase for all at one time HAHA. I told them it was all silly because they all look beautiful in every picture I see! Aren't they all lovely?

These girls were all too willing to share 5 things they are glad their mom did, now that they can look back and see without a clouded adolescent perspective! :) We'll go youngest to oldest for the sake of my BFF VALERIE.

Valerie- (that's her right in front)

1. I'm so glad my Mama instilled in me a real love for Jesus Christ, and a faithfulness to His people!

2. I'm so glad she was strict, even though at the time..I didn't like it...ha! I think I'm way more strict now than she ever was!

3. I'm so glad she loved my dad the way she did and still does. Her example there has been really wonderful.

4. I'm so glad she instilled in us a love of family...and spending time together. I love my family!

5. I'm so glad she taught me to be courteous and respectful. I've seen SO MUCH of the opposite in my grown up life, I'm glad I know better!

Janet- (far left in picture)

1. I'm so thankful for my mother's confidence. She was always sure of herself when it came to mothering and it gave me wonderful security. I don't remember her ever second guessing herself. I wish I had the same confidence.

2. She loved our Daddy so much. I think their 5:00pm smooch when he got home from work every day taught me myriads of things! Taught me that I was secure in a family where they loved each other and taught me how to "greet" my hubby!

3. I'm thankful she didn't feel like she needed to "flit about town" and be involved in lots of other things to make her feel fulfilled. She worked, she was a wonderful nurse, but she was fulfilled the most I think by being our mom.

4. She was always home when we were home, always there to listen to us (even if she was so sleepy she would nod off).

5. I'm so thankful she taught us about the Lord Jesus and the gift of salvation and that she encouraged us to grow in the Lord. I love that she's always been my teacher/encourager in my life long pursuit of being as good of a momma as she was!

Karen - (back middle in picture)

1. I loved how much my mom and dad loved the Lord. It was never religious or churchy or just social. They lived it every day. Not that there weren't disappointments, but she was always honest, never hypocritical. They taught us about Lord.

2. My mom was always lots of fun; she liked to stay up late, always watching The Tonight Show. She loved parties and having friends over, hers and ours. I remember how she let me skip school my senior year, just to shop for a prom dress. (I should have skipped that prom, ha). I thought she was really cool to let me do that.

3. I agree with my sisters, except that I don't think she was always home when we got home. It's just that we felt so secure, we didn't mind. She worked different shifts and would often leave before 7:00am for work, while I was on my way to the bus. Sometimes she would not get off until 11:00pm. But it all seemed so normal to us (we even sometimes "skipped" holidays until the next day, when it was her turn to work a holiday shift). We just felt secure as a family. Our house was always a place friends wanted to come.

4. I ALWAYS knew my mom could fix any problem, especially if it involved blood! (being a nurse) HA! I'm sure she was scared at times, but she didn't let us know it.

5. I know how much she didn't want to move to Ponca City at first (where we grew up), leaving her parents in Kansas City and coming to a small town. But I never realized it then. After 30 years in Ponca, she didn't want to leave and move back to Kansas City! I miss Ponca City, but I am glad she's closer to us now. Now that I'm a wife and mother, it's easier to see how much she gave of herself. I love her dearly!

Wendy-(far right in picture)

1. She really trusted in the Lord to work in our lives. She was not surrounded by books and magazines that are so available now for help. She didn't have Google, she didn't have peers giving her free advice.

2. She trusted us girls to make right choices. She didn't hover over us with advice. I remember that some of her friends were critical of her trust in us.

3. She was just who she was. She never pretended to be someone she was not. She was a new believer when she married my dad, so she was intent on surrounding us with opportunities to be exposed to Bible teaching.

4. Even though she was strict, she was never a list of rules. She had compassion on us when we made mistakes and didn't berate us for them.

5. She taught me to love lemonade! Silly, huh?

Well Mama Rock ought to be one happy camper now, right? If you missed yesterday's post where Mama Rock told her five things, check it out! They are a great family. Good memories.

Hopefully everyone likes the picture!

and I wonder who is pregnant...JK!!!!


  1. Thank you Holly, for your kind words and efforts in putting these thoughts together. It is hard for me to be on display like this but I am glad you gave us the opportunity to honor our mother in this manner. I had two more thoughts I wanted to share. My mom had pointed out that she was glad she had taught us obedience early in life. That is so true. Her yes always meant yes and her no always meant no. I see so many young mothers that are exasperated and stressed because they do not make it clear to their children that they are the authority - the "Mama Bear!" Who would want more than one child if the first doesn't obey? By learning to obey her, we knew the authority of God's word could be trusted. Also, I wanted to be clear that though we had a wonderful mother, there is no perfect model out there. What was so cool about my mom is that she really trusted in the Lord to do His work in us. Jesus Christ was her Rock and we knew it. I love my Mama dearly! :)

  2. The above note was written by Wendy Rockhold Rankin.

  3. Wendy, thank you for those extra thoughts AND for being willing to be "put out there on display"! I know it's uncomfortable for some, but the day before I wrote this, I had a person with small children say to me "I just wish I could hear from someone on the other side of things"...so I told them about my blog. No one is perfect, you're right. Your mom pointed that out to me, but the hope is in knowing that you can make so much positive impact even in the midst of inevitable mistakes that we all make. But you all make a great story! :) hugs!

  4. I have one more "glad" to add ~ I'm glad that I read once that I should be my children's Mother and not their friend. If you keep that in mind as you guide and discipline it will make it easier. Now that they are grown we are the best of friends !

    Mama Rock

  5. This post was awesome! I teared up several times. So much good advice. What a blessing to have your grown children speak so wonderfully!

  6. Katie thank you for taking time to comment. So glad you enjoyed.

  7. I love this! I am so proud to be apart of such a godly heritage! :)

    Katie (Price/Rockhold) Peters :)


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