More Guy Quotes! Two Middle Schoolers "Take" on Things

Yesterday produced one of the highest read blogs I've posted.

A high school senior guy shared some of his insight into what he's observed about girls. Check it out HERE if you missed it! It was wildly read- this must be an interesting topic!

I've asked a variety of guys, ages, from various schools to share (anonymously) their answer to "What are 5 annoying things that girls do?"

None of the boys knew each others answers, or even who I asked, yet the answers are SO similar.

Today, two anonymous 8th grade guys share their observations of the females at school.

1. Drama/backstabbing
2. Being Forward and flirty
3.Acting Loud and obnoxious
4.Pretending to be dumb and think that it's cute
5.Wearing lots of make-up and thinking you can't be seen without it. Keep it simple.

Another observant guy:

1. Act like they own the world.
2. Too dramatic.
3. Gossip about their best friends.
4. Talk too much.
5. Overly persistent…keep bugging you when they want something (i.e. pencil)

Can I just pause and say that all three boys so far have mentioned NOT liking how girls treat each other?! More of that to come, but I think it says a lot. Friendships are relationships, and what we practice in friendships shows some of our relationships skills (or lack of). Guys are watching this!

Also, this description of girls sounds like how girls are represented in much of the media today. Girls feel so pressured into roles like this, that unless someone tells them otherwise, they'll think that this is what teenage girls are supposed to be like! Uppity, dramatic, backstabbing, not smart, gossipy, made up flirty girls! (sounds like a few of the popular tv shows currently).

Guess what? Real guys don't like it.


Tomorrow- a couple of more high school guys share.


  1. LOVE it! I talk about that a lot on tour - especially telling girls NOT TO CALL GUYS. NO matter your age, no matter the reason... DO .NOT. CALL. Even if they ask you to. ESPECIALLY if they ask you to. Holly... when are you and Steve coming to OKC for our double date?!?

    1. I LOVE that our teens have someone like YOU talking to them!! May!!


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