Quotes from Actual Teenage Boys- What Do They Think?

Not having any boys myself, I rarely get to hear the boys side of things first hand. When I get the chance, I love to ask about life from their view.

Mostly I listen to moms of boys and ask questions about how things roll on the other side of raising teens.

Knowing that I blog about life issues of raising girls, many times moms of boys come to me with topics from the boy angle. I love it...the point of view of what moms of boys wish girls knew.

I asked several moms of boys, in and out of state, to ask their middle school and high school boys to name the "5 Things That Girls Do That Are Annoying". Many boys said, "Just 5?" Hahaha.

Parents know we tell girls some things over and over and they may or may not "get it".

Who better to listen to than the guys themselves? The ones that girls would love to impress?

The guys that answered this question for me are great guys, and ones that girls would WANT to impress, and VERY anonymous. I cannot reveal my sources :)  But girls, you might want to listen up!

First brave guy, a high school senior:

1.Drama ( can I put that twice). Girls say they don't like drama, but they still take part in it.

2.They care about looks too much. It doesn't matter as much as they think it does.

3.Girls that are overly boy crazy. They start giggling and whispering. Guess what, guys know what you're doing and it's annoying!

4.Girls don't need to dress in provocative clothes to get our attention.

5.Stop acting like you're not smart. It's not attractive!

Oooooooooo!!!! Interesting.....! More to come each day this week! (I love number 5).

I wish that I could reveal the identities with the blog posts this week, and girls could see what quality guys are saying these words. They would be clamoring to line up with this advice, but I will restrain. I want willing participants to remain anonymous!

Special thanks to my first anonymous guy for sharing.

Addendum: see our two follow up posts from more guys right HERE and HERE.


  1. When my boys were in HS they said the same thing about drama and would like to say it twice as well, I'm sure.

    I should these to my 13 yr old daughter and she said: sooo true. She also added that she thinks girls her age are more concerned about what other girls think about their appearance than what boys think. Interesting observation/confession

  2. Interesting observation!! I will be brewing on that one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this post! Great insight!

  4. Ah Karen... I agree. The gal I teach with is very "fashion conscious" - and I have said to her, (and surprisingly she agrees) "Girls dress to impress other girls more than boys." Good one, Elizabeth!

  5. It's true... As a teenage girl, not a single outfit I own is worn to impress a guy. It's the girls who will talk about it and tear apart your wardrobe and make you feel as insignificant as a grain of sand.

    1. wow, what undue pressure girls put on each other other. why do we do this? very interesting, and sad.

  6. As a teen myself, I am SO not interested in guys and I couldn't date them anyway (religious and personal reasons) but I have a friend who once dated this guy who was four years older than her. They were family friends for a while, and the moms were cool with it but the dads didn't even know. My friend and him didn't do much, she went over to his house for a movie once or twice and they hugged sometimes in school (our high school and middle school are mixed together), but never more than that (she was 12 and he was 16, by the way). Just a month later he broke up with her because apparently he said people kept teasing and taunting him about it and calling him names and he was getting uncomfortable with all the drama that was being caused by her. My friend was kinda okay at first because some people had called her bad names too, but then she was really sad for a while because he said that she 'wanted too much', I think he means like trust and support and love? I'm not sure. So I guess that means guys hate when relationships start causing huge unnecessary fights and problems and when girls start expecting too much from the guy. Yeah. I'd say avoid the complications of dating till you're an adult.

    1. That is quite an age gap at that stage of life! I think your analysis of what he meant by her "wanting too much" is probably right. You sound like a smart person. Good comment, thanks for sharing.


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