When Love Blinds- Part 5 (and final one)

This week, we've read stories from 4 different ladies about warnings (or red flags) they recognized in dating relationships, but unfortunately chose to ignore.

All 4 married these men, had very difficult marriages and painful divorces.

All 4 of them wish they had paid better attention to the clues they excused away.

All 4 of them had wonderful children in their first marriages that were in no way a mistake AT ALL, and the best part OF those marriages.

Our human minds can't figure this out. Only God knows how all the pieces fit and work out. He thankfully brings beauty out of ashes, and redeems every mistake if we let Him. Children are never a mistake, but always a blessing.

All 4 of these ladies don't want other people, especially their own children to have to go through the pain they went through. There are few things in life more painful than a bad marriage and divorce.

This is why they were all willing to expose their experiences, as well as the thinking they remember having during the "love struck" dating phase.

If anything you read rings true with you, or hits a vibe in you, or seems oddly familiar to a situation you are in now, I beg you, on their behalf, to sit down with someone who cares and confess those concerns.

If the top 5 people (or even a majority of them) in your life that love you and have always cared about you have an issue with your current dating relationship, don't rush it. Stop and consider. Listen to them. Anything done in haste is usually iffy. You can always still get married later if you find it all okay after considering the issues with them.

But why not put it through the fire first? If it survives the consideration, great! You can get married. But if it doesn't, isn't it better to have some pain now, to save yourself pain later?

The main reason girls go through with a questionable marriage, is they don't want to be alone. Or they are afraid of the backlash that will come by ending it. Or they just want to have sex or have the security of a husband. Or don't feel worthy enough to find someone else.
Women who have been through this would line up to tell you that everything wears off, then you are stuck in a marriage with all the bad things you ignored, and you'll be trying to figure out how to get out. Once you're married, you can't just "go home" anymore to get away. You will be living in the house together. Very together.

So choose well!


  1. Very wise words Holly! Thank you for doing this series! It has been excellent and thought-provoking!

    1. I'm glad you've liked the series. And thanks for passing it along! :)


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