Mean Stinks!

Need deoderant?!

Buy Secret!

No really, we just love Secret Deoderant because of the "Mean Stinks" campaign that they started to combat girl meanness and bullying!

Some celebrities have teamed up with Secret and together they have spread the "Gang Up for Good" cause.  Paint your pinky blue and help spread kindness at your school this year.

At Girls 101 Friendship Camp last week we watched quite a few of the videos made by Mean Stinks.

Here's one with celebrity Demi Lovato:

Follow the "Mean Stinks" page on Facebook for encouragement and tools to combat bullying. 
Or check out the website for the same, plus lots of videos on girl conflict and what to do about it.

The last day of camp was so cool. A dear friend Britni came to share her very personal story with the girls at camp. She was the Mean Girl in middle school. She therefore lost all of her friends but one. She had to decide to become different, apologize to people, and become a better friend. You can read the whole story HERE and HERE. In a third part of the story, Britni describes some of the inner thoughts she had back then, the reasons why she acted the way she did. WE LOVE BRITNI now and it's hard to imagine her that way! 

After Britni shared her experience, she then was the one to paint the pinky of each girl BLUE as we took the Mean Stinks pinky pledge to "stamp out the mean!"

I LOVE the creativity and seriousness of the girls with the cause! EVEN our Silhouette friend "Karen Fred" got a pinky painted blue! (After we drew a hand on her!)

Gang up for Good....because Mean Stinks!!


  1. We are going to add you to our blog list because we think your blog is genuine, authentic, helpful, and lovely ~

    Carmen and Alexandra

    1. well thank you!! I'm so glad you think so! I appreciate it, and am intrigued with yours :)


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