Twerking, Blurred Lines and Big Egos

Yes, Miley was outrageous at the VMA Awards.

Maybe it was so surprising to people because of her background as Hannah Montana. She came from somewhat of an innocent background but has grown into a completely different type of performer.

I'm not really surprised at all about a sketchy performance at an awards show, knowing what MTV is like, what awards shows are known for, and knowing that Miley took a turn away from wholesome tween entertainment a long time ago.

The only reason for this blog is the fact that so many were talking about the performance that I finally googled it to see what in the world happened.

Before any of this happened though, I'd already been bothered by Robin Thicke, and the popularity of his song "Blurred Lines", currently ranked number one on Billboard Charts. Yes it has a catchy sound, which I choose to ignore because I can't get past the fact that he calls girls b*tches, and I'd heard they dance around him naked throughout his video. Can't support music that objectifies women, which I know is a large chunk of popular music. I can't support it because it makes me ill how much it affects the mindsets of girls and guys both,  in our culture.

Plenty are speaking out against Miley. I want to shed some light on what Robin Thicke is putting out there. Now MTV can do what they want, Robin Thicke can do what he wants, the reason for this post is so that you can be fully informed, so that you and your teens, especially young teens, can make an informed decision on what to listen to. I wish things like this weren't mainstream, but they are, so we have to be active in knowing what's out there. When a song hits number one, it pretty much saturates society, so whether you choose to listen to it or not, it'll be heard anyway- at the mall, at the pool, in stores, as a friend listens to it. Pretty hard to escape popular music. At least know what it's about.

First of all, google the lyrics to Blurred Lines. I'll just put a portion here (explicit warning):

One thing I ask of you
Let me be the one you back that ass to
Go, from Malibu, to Paris, boo
Yeah, I had a bitch, but she ain't bad as you
So hit me up when you passing through
I'll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two
Swag on, even when you dress casual
I mean it's almost unbearable
In a hundred years not dare, would I
Pull a Pharside let you pass me by
Nothing like your last guy, he too square for you
He don't smack that ass and pull your hair like that
So I just watch and wait for you to salute
But you didn't pick
Not many women can refuse this pimpin'
I'm a nice guy, but don't get it if you get with me

Besides the fact what does half of that even mean, there are plenty of surrounding lyrics like "Let's get nasty" to put it all in context.

Worse yet, the original video for this song, released this summer, was banned from YouTube for nudity, even raunchier than the actual lyrics. However, a quick google of Blurred Lines pulls up other video sources besides YouTube where anyone can still see the banned explicit version with one click.  (The video was redone for YouTube with the girls wearing a little bit of clothing.) Not checking out music videos often because they make me ill, I could hardly believe that this is really true. So I checked. I saw enough to confirm that yes, several naked women dance around him, while some are holding animals which confused me, and at one point in the video the words "Robin Thicke has a big d*ck" covers the screen. Obviously, he loves himself. This apparently is his shining accomplishment.

I came across an interview with Robin Thicke on Access Hollywood.  Here's the scoop. Here is the video where he is being interviewed about the Blurred Lines video being banned. (click on that word "interviewed" and it'll take you there so you can watch). He jokes about it, saying they deliberately pushed the bar, laughed about all the 13-14 year old boys probably watching it as fast as they could before it was banned (over a million hits immediately), and most disgustingly, joked about beastiality and the animals the girls were holding. YUCK. He's quite happy with the whole thing. And he followed it up with a pitch for his new project.

Miley may have been twerking and grinding with a man twice her age on stage, but let's not forget his part. The banned video and that interview give us a good idea where his music is headed, so you can make an informed decision of what you want to listen to and what you want your kids to listen to. I just want moms to know what's out there that their kids can click on easily and watch, without you ever knowing. It's an easy place for a young guy to watch naked women undetected.

Sidenote- what's interesting is that Justin Timberlake has a very similar video that YouTube banned, then decided not to ban, apparently because the nudity in Tunnel Vision is deemed "artistic". The videos are oddly familiar, both men are fully dressed while naked women dance around. (Why are the men always dressed and women always naked?)  When YouTube decided to keep the JT video online, they made a caveat to make it "safe"-there is now an explicit warning, and you have to push a button that says you're 18. That'll fix it. (heavy sarcasm).

I'm tired of music that objectifies women, because our girls and guys are starting to believe the message. This has become in many ways the level of expectation- in guys treatment of women, and how women should expect to be treated by men. I'm tired of men getting rich on being nasty, disrespectful and violent toward women, tired of the women who help perpetuate the problem by performing with the men, and tired of us making them famous by listening.

The lines are definitely blurred.


  1. Blurred and disturbed. Love your new blog look. How's the book coming?

    1. Blurred and Disturbed. Now that's a good title! :)


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