Your Favorites- Top 5 Posts from Year One

In honor of our one year blog anniversary this Thursday, a friend suggested I share 5 Things's top 5 posts from this year (most read- so apparently, you're favorites!)

I just checked and here are the results!

1.  Quotes From Actual Teenage Boys- What do they think?  This was by far the most read post ever. I had high school guys share "5 Annoying Things Girls Do". We were so excited when answers were things like "wear too much makeup, backstab their friends", etc.  We found out what really appeals to guys and it was good news. Whew! There are great guys out there! (Middle schoolers share HERE and more high schoolers shared HERE.

2. Helping Your Daughter Choose Good Friends In this post I shared activities done at a Friendship Camp I led for 4th and 5th graders...all about choosing healthy friendships and being a good friend. We had so much fun at the camp- I love leading these workshops. Since this post, I altered the activities a bit to share with a 7th grade youth group, and had a blast again! I'm available to do this with girls groups, schools and youth groups. (If you'd be interested, click on Girls 101 link on http://www.5things.us/ to contact me).

3. Raising a Daughter with a Disability - Pt. 1 My friend Lucy shares her story in this highly read post of her journey raising her beautiful daughter. But don't stop with Pt. 1, make sure and read Pt. 2 too!

4. Why I Can't Get Anything Done My personal rant and sarcastic musings from a day of endless mom duties during an extra hot summer.

5. 5 Things Story- Roberta Pepin, Mom of 10 This is one of my most recent posts that just blew UP with people reading it! Don't miss it. A mom of 10 grown children shares her perspective looking back.

Thanks, CARI, for this idea of sharing our top 5! :)

As we've done all week, if you comment on this post and share with us either 1) another favorite blog that you love to read OR 2) your own favorite post from the last year, you will be entered into a

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Winner receives their choice of 1 of 5 of my favorite parenting books. You can see pictures of what they are HERE.  Take a peek then leave a comment!


  1. SO many great posts... Why I Can't Get Anything Done is my all time fav though! Congratulations on one year :D

  2. Keep up the encouragement! You are awesome! Blessings and a big o hug! I really like www.icanteachmychild.com blog!

    1. thank you Tracey! I will go check that site out.


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